Success with Ideal Protein

Many of you probably feel like our friend Meredith, a student, working hard to get her degree from Radiologic Technologist school who doesn’t have much extra time to focus on herself, and struggles with having the energy and motivation to dedicate herself to a weight loss program.

Meredith remembers dealing with weight issues since age 13 and trying many diets, none of which made enough of an impact to work long-term.  Not finding the right weight loss solution was discouraging for Meredith, but she knew something had to give because her lack of sleep and low self-esteem were wearing her down during a time in her life when they were crucial to her success.

Strong and resolute, Meredith spoke to her physician, Dr.Carroll, about how she could attain her weight loss goals. He suggested she meet with Jackson Healthcare for Women’s Ideal Protein coach, Joni Tyler, to learn about the program which is a medically developed weight loss protocol that encourages lifestyle change. When Meredith learned about the program, she committed to lose the weight before she finished school. She says that making that initial commitment was the hardest part, but after feeling confident in her decision, her motivation took over and the program kept her in check.

Meredith started Ideal Protein in January 2018 and has since lost 79 lbs.! Before, she would wish the day was over because the extra weight made her so tired, the thing she looked forward most in her day was  going to bed. Now she wants to participate in more activities and live life to the fullest. She says, “I didn’t know how much being obese affected my life and I didn’t realize that with the weight loss, my medical issues would improve. I have more energy, sleep well, and my outlook on life is much more positive.”

When asked what she would share with people considering the Ideal Protein Program, Meredith says, “If you want it bad enough, it’s going to be worth the path that you have to goon. It’s not going to be easy or given to you, but it will be worth it in the end. Have faith! Getting started is the hardest part. But, once you decide to lose weight and be healthy, it will be easier.”

Meredith also says she’s eaten more cauliflower than she ever thought possible and likes it! She has found great lower calorie substitutes for the recipes she loves. She also wants people to know the importance of forgiving themselves. “Sometimes you will fall off the wagon,”says Meredith. “Falling off is not as important as getting back on. Nobody is perfect, and life gets in the way. Just stay committed.”

Meredith has 10 lbs. more to lose as her personal goal, but she is looking and feeling fabulous. Keep up the good work, Meredith! We are inspired by you!