The Benefits of Collaborating Providers for Breast Care

Jackson Healthcare for Women provides collaborative care at its comprehensive breast care center alongside Lakeland Radiology, P.A. Our onsite ob/gyns and radiologists work together to deliver faster results, expedite additional testing and treatment protocols as well as provide services at less costs.


What is collaborative care?


Collaborative care is a patient-centered care model that provides you with more experience and insight, better communication between providers and improves continuity of care. Through collaborative care, patients may have a quicker, more thorough, and less expensive path to diagnosis and treatment. Since multiple specialists may be involved in your care, the traditional care process can sometimes get fragmented. Collaborative care allows us to create a dedicated team that focuses solely on your needs through our shared resources and specialties.


How does collaborative care make the Jackson Healthcare for Women Comprehensive Breast Care Center different?


We understand how stressful waiting to receive test results can be. In addition to providing you with a dedicated care team of multiple specialists, we’ve shortened turnaround times for additional testing. An example would include if we determined from your mammogram that a biopsy is required. Instead of sending you to another facility several days following for a biopsy, we can provide that biopsy testing in a shorter timeframe at our clinic. We also have the capability to read biopsy results onsite without having to send them offsite to a third-party laboratory.


Another difference is our Genius 3D mammography exam. Only the Genius exam finds 20-65% more invasive breast cancers compared to 2D alone. It can mean an earlier diagnosis and a greater variety of treatment options available to you[1]. The Genius 3D mammography captures images below several layers of tissue, revealing areas that are not visible on traditional 2D mammograms. Genius 3D mammography is also superior for the 1 in 2 women who have dense breasts. Only the Genius® exam is FDA approved as superior to 2D mammography for women with dense breasts.[2]-3 Almost 50% of women over 40 have dense breast tissue5,6  that can hide early signs of cancer in a traditional mammogram. More than 90 percent of women found the Genius 3D mammogram a more comfortable exam and it can reduce callbacks by 40 percent over 2D Mammogram. Finally, older 2D and 3D mammogram machines may require two tests, increasing exposure to radiation. The Genius 3D mammogram reduces radiation exposure.11-13


If you are 40 or older or have a family history of breast cancer, talk to your physician about scheduling a visit to our comprehensive breast care center. Early detection saves lives!


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