Your Daughter’s First Trip to the Ob/Gyn

Deciding “when” it is the right time to take your daughter to her first ob/gyn appointment depends on several factors. For example, does your daughter experience irregular periods or have the joys of puberty left you and her with concerns?

  1. They have not gotten their period. In the United States, most girls get their period between ages 12 and 14. If your teen hasn’t gotten her first period by 15, it’s worth checking in with us because we can work with you to get to the root of why this may occur.
  2. Their periods are troublesome. What counts as a “normal” period can vary for teens, as it can for adult women. Still, if your teen’s periods seem different from what you’d expect, or if your teen is bothered by them, our ob/gyns can help. Whether periods are very painful, very heavy, coming too often, or not coming often at all—we can address these concerns.
  3. They are struggling with puberty. Periods are only the beginning. Teens may have other puberty concerns too, such as heavy acne or unwanted hair growth. An ob-gyn can help discuss these questions and possible treatments. Ob/gyns can also reassure teens about normal signs of development.
  4. They are sexually active or in a serious relationship. Sex and relationships are a normal part of growing up. Teens should be able to talk about them in a safe way. An ob/gyn visit can be a great opportunity for your teen to explore these topics with a neutral adult. Ob/gyns can discuss it all, from choosing birth control and preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to understanding what makes a healthy relationship. Remember, many parents think their teens aren’t having sex when they are. Your ob/gyn can also coach you on how to bring up this topic with your teen.

Our first visit with your teen will include a conversation, so we can get to know each other. Don’t shy away from bringing them in because you fear they won’t want an examination. In most cases, we won’t perform a pap smear until age 21.

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